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My name is Eunice


Design is about systems. In those systems we have lists, a catalogue of how we make decisions, how we express our outcomes using particular elements. As a designer, cataloguing is how I express my design choices and how I organize my thoughts. 

About Me

Hi, my name is Eunice and I am a recent MA graduate student from the school of Graphic Design at AAU. What gets me up for work in the morning is the chance to create something new, solve a new problem in an interesting way, and reflect on how to better approach life. I am passionate about design because I really enjoy the challenge of being creative within a structure and finding creative solutions to the world’s problems. If I am able to educate, help change someone’s perspective, enhance someone’s situation in life, or simply just make someone smile, then I think I’ve done my job. 

When I am not designing, you can find me in the kitchen experimenting, creating new uses for old things, in the hills climbing mountains, or out having chats with friends. 

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